Dolanchampa started writing at a very nascent stage – in her adolescence – for the wall magazines in her school. Addressed adorably as “Bhashabid” by her peers, she kept alight that passion for literature even while graduating in Medicine. A doctor of chest medicine, Dolanchampa set her foot in Bengali literature as a novelist and short story writers for the well known Indian publication house: Ananda Publishers. Her debut novel “CHONDROTAALER PORIRA” , an excellent mélange of adventure, fantasy and science fiction marked and established her as a powerful narrator for children and young-adult genre. This book is already included in the list of Bengali books & authors of Ananda. She is a regular contributor of fiction for the adult readers also.

Apart from literature, she nurtures her talent in creative dance choreography, painting, music and theatre.

The unique venture , ‘REKHA O LEKHA’ , a combination of her poems and paintings of the late legendary Artist, Dhiraj Chowdhury was appreciated by lots of critics.

Balancing a busy physician’s career with a blooming creative occupation has become the most challenging part of her life.